Friday, 29 April 2011


Cumpig, cumdump, cumjunkie, cumeater, cumslut, cumwhore. Are there more names for cockworshippers like me who absolutely love the taste of cum? Probably. I don't care how you call us, just give us your cum!
Some images that never fail to make me hunger for cock and cum:
A cocksucker with his mouth wide open (and preferably with his tongue out of his mouth) to receive a load of cum;
A man shooting his load into a cocksucker’s wide open mouth;
A man shooting his load on a cocksucker’s face;
A man savoring cum in his mouth and swallowing it with hunger;
A man whose face and/or body is covered in cum.
A cocksucker eating cum out of a cum-filled condom.

The drawing below probably shows something that’s never gonna happen to me, but I can still dream of it, can’t I? And who knows, one day….


  1. OH MAN, cumbath the last drawing is the best... i love it, all body covered in cum... oh is sacred cum for worship and enjoy the moment may be 50 or 60 men cum for a great bath of cum