Sunday, 14 July 2013

Looking for other cockworshippers

There are still a few things I'd like to do and still haven't done. Why not use this blog to make it happen? I'd love to be together with another cockworshipper and worship a cock together with him. It must be great to be on my knees, between a man's legs, together with a kindred spirit! Another thing I've been wanting for a long time is having my picture taken with a cock in my mouth and/or with cum on my face. It's about fucking time! Just to give you an idea of who I am: I'm in my fifties, still quite in good shape, a hairy body, I like a ciggy and a drink, I like men more or less my age. A bonus, but not necessary, would be if they were hairy and (like me) wear a cockring and some leather now and again. 
So if you live in the Netherlands and if the above sounds interesting or familiar and if you feel like getting in touch with me, please do! My e-mail address is in my profile. Let's make some things happen!
The video is from Heatstroke, one of the best porn videos EVER made. Full of hot and hungry cocksuckers and cumeaters like me. If you don't get inspired after watching this....

The three of them, waiting hungrily to be fed a fresh load of juicy, sticky, delicious cum 


  1. OMG!!! I SO wish you were here!!! I LOVE sucking COCK ---
    JUST the way you describe!!! If you are ever in the Pacific N W (USA) PLEASE
    look me up!

    1. Oh,so lucky.I'm married still behind that closet door.I have a real femnine side to me.I love slipping into pumps but naked.I would love to do what you have.Toby

  2. Anyone Gay or bi that would love to talk.write me Toby at

  3. I fucking love the old Joe Gage movies. He really knew that sexy blue collar man. Hot!

  4. Brother Bottom Cock12 February 2015 at 06:25

    I love and worship the cock; I love to commune with others in doing so. I love the warm cum as it flows so fully into my mouth as often as I can get it; by doing so I worship the most beautiful object in the world--the head of the cock.

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